St Francis de Sales

St Francis de Sales

St Francis de Sales CC are back! Watch out because the team's targetting big things in Chang Mai - on and, more importantly, off the field!

The addition of a couple of locals from Chiang Mai we are hopeful of going one step further than a couple of years ago. Welcome to St Francis De Sales CC - ABAID & NAVEED.

Our number 1 team has five changes from our 2018 team. This team will be led by Young Lucas McKinnon ( 15yo ) following him into battle will be Aaron, Ethan, Kane, Abaid & Naveed.

St Francis de Sales Players

  • Aaron "Fossil" Maynard

    After a 19’/20’ season that saw the Fossil notch up a staggering 171 off 63 balls in a 20/20, fans are excited to see what Azza can do in just 10 overs. They’re even more excited to see if his multi can get up! A legend on and off the field, we feel sorry for any bowler that has to bowl to Az… and every bookie.

  • AJ and Nicole

    We love AJ. He’s a passionate Kiwi who’s always up for a chat, especially if it’s about the All Blacks! We love Nicole even more! She’s got a wicked sense of humour and proud Aunty of Indi and Kenzi! This dynamic duo know how to holiday and how to party – so watch out Chang Mai!

  • Ethan Daley

    When you think of the great thinkers and inspirational minds of our generation, you don’t really think of Ethan. But when you think of blokes who can hold a stick and roll the arm over… well you still don’t think of him, but that’s okay because he just loves cricket (even if he looks asleep in the field).

  • Gary and Ann McKinnon

    Gary and Ann could very well be St Francis De Sales CC’s most loyal supporters. The duo have covered plenty of ground over the years, never missing a ball of their grandkids’ game! There’s no doubt the leaders of the McKinnon Clan will be relied upon for strategy and cricketing advice in Chang Mai – no doubt over a quite drink or two.

  • Kane, Kristy, Indi and Kenzi Robertson:

    Every cricket club needs a Robertson family! They’ll do anything for anyone at any time, the Roberston’s are the heartbeat of the SFDCC crew! They’ll bring plenty of laughs and plenty of energy to Chang Mai - which is very much needed as we don’t think Kane will be offering much with his leggies...

  • Lauren Maynard

    After talking to Lauren, you more often than not end up with a smile on your face! You also end up with either a drink or some training gear because she’s the ultimate club person, always helping out! Whilst the cricketing efforts of her husband and kids' has been impressive, watch as Loz puts in a B.O.G performance on the Chang Mai dance-floors.

  • Lucas McKinnon

    Season 19’/20’ was the ‘Summer of Lucas!’. A century in representative cricket, a gusty opening knock in the 1st XI and plenty of wickets on the side, L-Mac is hoping to bring his red-hot form to Chang Mai. To say Lucas is an ‘okay cricketer’ is a massive understatement, however, to say he’s the ‘coach’s favourite’ would be an even bigger one!

  • Nathan McKinnon

    Crowned the ‘Cultural Captain’ of SFDSCC, Nath is always up for a chat, dishing out some positive reinforcement and nurturing young and upcoming talent. He’s a man with a big heart, but an even bigger bar tab.

  • Samantha McKinnon

    Samantha is the Head of the McKinnon Cricketing Academy! The pioneer of many off-field endeavours at the cricket club, Sam’s got it all sorted! With a wine in hand, to spend an afternoon with Sam watching the cricket is a delight! Sam will definitely put on a masterclass for the youngsters on how to tear up the d-floor!

  • Zahli Maynard

    This Australian summer saw Zahli stake her claim as the “better Maynard” on the cricket field. Courageous knocks, scintillating pace and all-round cricket I.Q, don’t be surprised if young Zahli gets the call up for a game in Chang Mai.