Sons of Pitches

Sons of Pitches

Big bunch of interesting individuals from Vacy, Newcastle and Sydney in NSW. We have a huge group this year with quite a few first timers to Chiang Mai let alone Thailand and as usual many return visitors. Lovers of cricket, beer, good friends and good conversation although we may be a little hard to understand after a few late nights at the bars in Chiang Mai. Come and say hello we are always up for meeting new friends and old friends as well. This competition has given us the opportunity to support the cricket in Thailand as well as make great friends who we are lucky enough to catch up with each year.

Sons of Pitches Players


    Bob (BOBBY) Dein. Well what can we say about Bobby. Tour VIRGIN Retired real estate agent, who has a passion for trophies, has been know to offer money to whoever to obtain the trophies he wishes so please be careful. Rumor's abound of the time when he tried to convince Tiger woods to part with the US OPEN trophy, when the offer was refused he was devising a plan on how to remove it from his possession in other ways, that's the ambition of the man.


    Jason (KENNY) Watson has been our back stop when it comes to stemming the runs from our team. He tells us he has a knee injury but this is thought to be another antic so he can stay out later and not attend early games. The man who can bamboozle the opposition with the famous left arm bowling may very well get the late promotion into the team for critical games but will have to see if he can survive the hectic nightlife again for the whole week. This left arm bowler is known as the man who spends his time in the naughty corner just where he likes it.


    Andrew (LITTY) Litwin. Tour virgin, the Poor Boy doesn't realize that Chef will be his mentor this trip, Maythai's and G&T's will be free flowing. Believes he is an all rounder but we are yet to see his style. Brother in law to Speed so he will have to be careful to ensure the fine sessions are not to painfull for him. He has bought in support of his wife to ensure he has early nights to prepare for the day ahead.


    Logan LOGES ERAK. Well what can we say about the boy. 2nd tour we think. We know he has some very good friends that he met after an incident over a fence last trip. The Son of Slav, we are also been told he is one half of the Black Widows. Loves a beer and good times and is Batting way above his average. He has for the last tournament been able to escape the clutches of his beautiful better half but this year she is travelling with the team. We are certain that this boy will be well behaved and retiring early with his better half during this tournament., so he will be kept under control (yeah right).


    Adam (NO SHOW)Leeming. This man has been investing time in the land of smiles over the past few years in between tournaments. No show will visit places that no one should ever enter and has information to prove it. Once again he will baffle the batsmen with his lofty pedestrian paced spin bowling. The man with a bowling plan unknown by all including himself. This year he determined he should be the fine master but we are certain that he will contribute even more than our tour virgins in our fine sessions . This man is likely to bring his own support group with him once again although it may be a different support group than last year.


    Jack (NUDGE) Cowled. Nudge is quite the cricketer so he believes. The man signs up to play cricket every year and is the only person that spends less time on the park than SPEED. Will be travelling to CM on his own on the Sunday as he chases the elusive "A" grade major premiers trophy on the Saturday in Maitland. Boasts that he has hit Josh Hazelwood for a six but can’t produce the evidence. This man LOVES a drink, if fact he is quite happy to stay in the bath all night with a can. As the owner of Jacks minibuses and a sponsor of the team. He is a good supporter of the team by getting his wife to organise peoples flights/ accommodation and to drive people to and from the airport when he cannot. Once again he is looking forward to another eventful tour

  • SLAV

    Slavko (SLAV) Erak. Many people would know the Slav (AKA Richard Rattenbury) from previous trips he is an unforgettably individual . The man that is always on a mission unfortunately sometimes even he is unsure what mission he is on. Has once again requested the assistance of his beautiful wife Pen to get him around after a few vodka redbulls. Will once again enjoy the company of good friends’ great cricket and a beer or two. Has requested the support this year of his son Loges this year but we are not sure who will lead who astray in this family gathering. One thing is for sure he will again have a great time during the tournament


    James "Speed" Reynolds. Has given up his job as the part time Tuk Tuk driver due to the fact he is the big man in the team and now finds it hard to fit into the Tuk Tuk. Don't let this mans name fool you he IS fast.. he can outrun a 3 month old child ( Slightly faster than chef). He has once again been given permission to leave the family home the only difference this year is his family is coming with him. At least he will save money on the phone calls this year, although I am certain those savings will be swallowed up in the fine sessions. Loves a beer while watching or playing cricket so he's in the right place for a good time. Has promised once again to ensure the bar at the ground is well supported

  • WOKKA aka PO

    Warren (WOKKA aka PO) Pugh Tour 4. for the Sons. many more for the Warathais the big lovable lad from Stocko. Has been know to enjoy a game of cricket and a LEO or two but is famous within our team and with some of the other cricketers for his work on the dance floor to Kung Fu fighting and the devil went down to Georgia. so if you see him out and hear the music he wont be far away. The big fella is pretty handy with the bat and ball and is always a welcome addition to the team


    Jason (WOMBAT) Hicks– Playing for Paterson and doing absolutely nothing to help the team there, we are sure that he will get back on the horse for the tournament. Has volunteered to sit out and not play but does realize the cost of not participating in the comp at the fine session. Wombat is expected to pick up the support he requires for the week when transferring through Bangkok. Wombat has been visiting Thailand in between sixes working with his support group to prepare for the grueling week ahead. This eating machine will be working on trying every Thai dish in town and has offered to show speeds wife some of the local food outlets that he frequents. Currently counting the days as he believes there are too many minutes to count down


    Mark Wood. This man has had more names than Cassius Clay. Tour number unknown and he doesn't even know how many times he has visited the Land of Smiles. Our Miniature wicket keeper has the ritual from hell to get ready for the game. the strapping and support he wears is enough to keep the space shuttle held together. The bus leaves 1/2Hr early just so he can get ready. We appreciate his speed behind the stumps to save some runs but the main reason we love him behind the stumps is because he doesn't know how to bowl to save his live.

Sons of Pitches Supporters

  • A

    "A" has been and still is our bus driver, This lady doesn't know how to be late she is always very early waiting for the team and doing multiple trips for our group. she loves her home country and loves her bikes and drinks (Gin and Tonic). if "A" is not on the road in the bus she will be cruising on the bike. Always as a great time with the team which shows with the big hugs when we arrive and when we leave.

  • CHEF

    Keith(CHEF) Roddom. Santa Claus is coming to town, The lovable larrikin chef has returned once again, but this time his beautiful wife has come to join him. We are confident this will not impact chefs drinking abilities but may have some impact on his cricketing career this tournament. We are positive that he will have a major influence on the CM virgins this year which will definitely have an impact on their cricketing ability.


    Michele (CHELE) Reynolds. Tour virgin. Michelle is the better half of LITTY has decided that this trip will include a lot of travel after the tournament (Its the only way LITTY was allowed to come). Good woman with a heart of gold will be using her school teacher experience to marshal Speeds kids and most probably the rest of the team.

  • MEOW

    Mamiaw. This beautiful young lady has been our guide for several years now. She is responsible for organizing all of us to ensure we get where we need to be and when. has a heart of gold and works hard to make sure we don't hurt ourselves to much by making sure that we drink fluids other than alcohol. Although looking after us sometimes we need to look after her as well especially during our fines nights. So much part of the team we don't know what we would do without her.


    This lovely lady has a heart of gold and the strength of nobody we know. She loves her man SLAV and puts up with the altered ego Richard Rattenbury. She will watch over Slav during their time in Thailand only so he doesn't wind up in jail or something stupid. Pen will also have the added stress of trying to Manage Loges and Stef throughout the tournament this year but we are confident all will go home at some stage and hopefully in one piece.


    Rayles Roddom. Welcome back to the team chemist. The better half of Cheffy, she will endeavor to assist with the teams aliments when she can. Loves a little cricket, lazing by the pool and turns into Ginger Rodgers on the dance floor late at night. Great woman with a big heart that will help everyone as best she can.


    David “Smash” Barrett -Tour Unknown (to many to count) Smash has been doing sweet FA for the last few years but has decided that its time to return to the fold. The Quiet one in the group, he has now been working with lollypops for a couple of years. We are sure Smash received his nickname not for the way he hits a ball but the way the balls he delivers are being hit. Once again he is touring for all the right reasons. Socializing and Drinking, He has been waiting for another drinking session with the beavers since the last boat race.

  • Speed and Speedette's juniors

    Tom (RUSTY BULL BAR) and Sarah. These good looking rascals are getting their first taste of travel overseas and finally get to see the cricket dad is always talking about and getting clothes for each year. A very excited pair with Tom having an absolute love of cricket. Sarah on the other hand will probably want to hang out with the Beavers elephant rather than watch cricket.a love of cricket.

  • STEF

    STEF Micevski. Well what can we say about this beautiful girl but she must be a fantastic girl with a heart of gold to be the better half of Loges and a good addition to the family. We have been told that she is to be obeyed and I am certain Logan will do what he is told. Between PEN, SLAV and STEF hopefully Loges will not have the issues of his friends over the fence this year.


    Tanya (Speedette) The lovely wife of Speed have given up trying to get him to stay at home, instead has insisted that she and the family not be left out of the fun. Is looking forward to the virgin's slip and slide at the beavers tent and spending some time at the cricket at the bar. As required she will have to have a drink with Chef but G&T's have never been a problem for this woman. She will bee seen chasing the children we are sure as the protective mum gene kicks in.