Saturday Night Beavers

Saturday Night Beavers

Castor Repletis Athletic Pursuits is a global, multi-disciplinary sporting and social club with players and supporters drawn from many walks of life and corners of the globe. The Club’s versatility is its strength and we are delighted to have representatives from so many of the Club’s broad range of activities on this year’s tour. It is also with some pride that we can boast the presence of all surviving winners of the prestigious Beaver Of The Year award. Lord Adam Barnett was both the inaugural President and the first BOTY and it is fitting that the Beavers are fielding two teams this year to mark his finely-crafted fifty.

Saturday Night Beavers Players

  • “Tiger” Lee Lee Beauchamp

    2nd Tour. BOTY 2012. When Tiger Lee Lee burst onto the golfing scene, he brought with him a completely new style of golf, the likes of which had never been seen before. Most recently, it manifested itself in his appearance at the 19th La Manga Open where in the final round he was paired with a Spanish nonagenarian who proceeded to outscore him by ten shots. Tiger plans to undertake an intensive 5-year golfing course, after which he will demand a re-match.

  • Adam “Jose” Barnett

    8th Tour. President 2012-13. BOTY 2009, 2017. Adam’s finest egg-chasing moment came when he scored a length-of-the-field try in the Cup Semi-final. The 9.6-rated swallow-dive to complete the score was followed by a Paul Thorburn-esque punt of the ball away in celebration. It was only once the ref pointed out that he had been in touch for most of his charge to the line, and would need to keep running to go fetch the ball, that began the now legendary ‘long jog of shame'.

  • Andy “Nutter” Nutkins

    4th Tour. BOTY 2019. Nutter captains the Club’s Canoeing and Kayaking teams, the Soggy Beavers. Best known for his pioneering research into anti-buoyancy and his outspoken views on gravity-denial, he is reckoned to be Britain’s first grand master of the involuntary eskimo roll. Despite being voted ‘Beaver most likely to develop gills’, many worry that this may not happen soon enough.

  • Bart “Paul” Simpson

    11th Tour. President 2017-18. Bart’s devotion to Motor Racing was such that he decided the swiftest route to the upper echelons of the sport would be through building his own go-kart. Armed only with a lump hammer, some six-inch nails and an intimate knowledge of the works of Dasterdly and Mutley, he successfully fashioned the finest mobile known to humanity. It is a matter of record that the all-too-foreseeable subsequent crash and associated broken arm probably cost us one of our greatest champions.

  • Chas “Beggers” Begley

    14th Tour. One of the true hard men of rugby, Chas’s pioneering tackling technique was innovative to say the least, and has not been matched since. Forsaking the more traditional use of the shoulder, Chas’s method mostly involved diving into contact nose-first and waking up in hospital. Widely regarded as a ‘once-a-game’ ploy, its genius was the element of surprise for the opposition, (as well as his team-mates and the unsuspecting St John’s Ambulance volunteers).

  • Dom “Smokin’” Hogan

    4th Tour. President 2019-20. BOTY 2010. The legendary sprint team, the Flashing Beavers, is led by Smokin’ Hogan due in no small part to his peerless reign as the undisputed, unbeaten and unbeatable sprint champion at St Cuthbert Mayne Junior School. At least, that is, until 9 year-old Nicola Milton showed him a clean pair of heels and another Beaver dream faded to nothing….

  • Nigel “Gurners” Gurney

    14th Tour. President 2014-15. BOTY 2016. Nige was plucked from obscurity to keep goal for the LSE 5th XI in early 1986. Two-one up at half-time, all the talk was of this inspirational, if fortuitous, selection and that he was a shoe-in for next week's match. Talk that was not resumed over the post-match pie and chips after a resounding 7-2 thrashing. In his defence Nige claimed that as a newcomer to the sport, he had been unaware that it was a game of 2 halves.

Saturday Night Beavers Supporters

  • Ariya Begley

    7th Tour. Ariya has made rapid progress in gymnastics over the past year. If you come across a girl twirling around a tent supports or vaulting across the Beaver bar the chances are its Ariya putting in a bit of extra practice. Also a talented footballer.

  • Connor Begley

    4th Tour. The FEC is still showing a disturbing lack of interest in cricket (there’s time) but is he to be congratulated that he no longer sinks in a swimming pool.

  • Ella Begley

    9th Tour. Ella has recently added boxing to her sporting repertoire excelling in just her second lesson by breaking through her Australian coach’s guard to leave him with the split lip. Approach with caution.

  • Katy "KT" Thorogood

    3rd Tour. President 2016-17. Katy, ever up for a challenge, entered the Hampstead Heath half-marathon and can proudly boast that not only was she beaten by the rest of the field, she also trailed in behind the fellow taking down the signs and collecting up the cones. In her own words: a born Beaver.

  • Lois Barnett

    Debut Tour. Lois aspires to be a rock star drummer or astronaut! Takes on life pretty much like her parent's....Head on!

  • Maggie Barnett

    Debut Tour. All-rounder Maggie is a champion headbanging, air guitarist, Barbie loving flosser.

  • Nikki Barnett

    3rd Tour. Singer (Oasis a speciality); choreographer (Flash Mobs) & wine connoisseur (lots).

  • Rachel Begley

    13th Tour. Encyclopaedic knowledge of cricket, limitless karaoke repertoire and an alarming predilection for doing the splits at random. It can only be Jonesy.

  • Steve Harris

    nth Tour. Steve's ball-by-ball coverage of the Beaver matches has become something of a broadcasting institution. The small inconvenience of his honeymoon is throwing a bit of a spanner in the works this year, but it is hoped he can continue to update the global Beaver following from his villa in Mustique.

  • The Beaverettes

    5th Tour. South-East Asia's finest fillies! See their team page for this multi-national line-up of cricket-loving, cocktail-swilling, Beaver-cheering beauties.