Pinjarra CC

Pinjarra CC

The Pinjarra Cricket Club was established in 1874 and is one of the oldest country cricket clubs in the country. The Pinjarra Buzzards are some the oldest (and finest) cricketers in Pinjarra.

We look forward to welcoming 3 new tourists and partners on this trip - don't worry we will point them out so you can make sure they partake in a slammer session. We can't wait to join in all of the fun that this tournament brings and making new friends through this wonderful game.

Pinjarra CC Players

  • Brady Morgan "The baby Giraffe" "Curly Fries"

    Shirt Number 10, Tour Number 1

    By far the youngest and tallest of the squad, this will be Curly Fries third sixes event, but his first as a player. His loping style with the ball will mesmerise many a batsman who are often more concerned that the wind may blow him over before he reaches the crease. If he can synchronise his arms and legs with the bat, then he will be handy for a few runs. His curly locks are the envy of the rest of the thinning buzzards.

  • Brett Dellar “The DR” “Dells”

    Shirt Number 2, Tour Number 1

    Has the remedy the buzzards need with some smooth batting chops and wiley keeping for the team. Loves to farm the strike but may need to not worry with the running and head for the boundaries. Will spark up the fireworks when required. Coaxed out of retirement for the buzzards and will be looking forward to dominating off the field. The silver fox still has plenty of tricks.

  • Craig Morgan “the howling wolf” “Morgs”

    Shirt Number 30, Tour Number 2

    Has assembled this team of Chang Mai avengers. Calm and calculated customer when at the crease and has enjoyed a fruitful season with the bat back in OZ. Has the ball on a string when needed if the old bones will let him. Fortunately for the buzzards it’s not malting season for the wolf and his coat will be in full bloom whilst enjoying his favourite cocktail the pina colada in the pool, picture teen wolf 2.

  • Danny Turner “The king of swing” “DT” - Titch

    Shirt Number 13, Tour Number 2

    Go big or go home, that’s the off field stuff. Coaxed out of retirement for some Chang mai time. Can swing the pill more than a dunny door in the right conditions. Can swing the bat hard in all conditions. Even better with the swing of the drinking arm. Is probably pissed right now.

  • Shane Turner "The thunderous duck" "Grump"

    Shirt Number 7, Tour Number 1

    Hoping to improve on previous sixes form where the runs came before any balls were bowled. You will hear Grump long before you see his imposing frame. Shows little respect for the leather, hitting it long and hard, mostly due to his disdain for running. With a sedate run up to deliver his trademark heavy balls, you will be lulled into thinking he’s just rolling his arm over, but don’t be fooled, he’s there to dominate you.

  • Upali Nawarathne ‘The shiek of tweak” “Pali"

    Shirt Number 34, Tour Number 2

    Loves a wicket. Watch the big smile come when PALI has weaved some magic and taken a batsman. Deceptive with spin in the air making the batter second guess himself. The Sri Lankan lion has been in good touch this regular season back in OZ . Can swing the willow when needed and will be looking to impact the scoreboard with some big hitting.