NT Bushrangers

NT Bushrangers

Northern Territory (NT) Bushrangers. The 2020 tour to Chiang Mai will be the teams third visit, same guys are backing up again with the additions of Big Mac (Brent Mackie), Gin & Tonic (Tonic Jeche) and Shaddy (Johnny Shadforth). Looking to go one better on 2019's outstanding performance and take out the 2020 Spoon Final.

NT Bushrangers Players

  • Brent Mackie | No. 17 (Big Mac)


    Big and imposing is Mac, his first venture to the Thai world of cricket, the tournament is made for him. Hails from the Bush Turkey stable of Timber Creek. A more than capable pace bowler and eager to show off his chin music to the unsuspecting. Can belt balls far and wide and could be a CM star in the making. Will have to expect the unexpected when he ventures out into the entertaining night life of the city.

  • Curtis Shadforth | No. 14 (Trekka)


    Trekka's becoming some what of regular of the Thai cricket carnivals, a popular man where ever he goes. RH bowler with a deceptive round arm action that can fool the best of them, when on song with ball and bat can take the Bushrangers deep in to carnival. Always up for a night out, once he's warmed up there's no stopping him. Always a favorite of the fines master and no doubt will be kept on his toes this tour.

  • Greg Kemp | No. 6 (Kempy)

    RH BAT | BOWLER Kempy is back for his 3rd stint to Chiang Mai..Loves the place both on and off the field....the quiet man of the team who is working on getting shares at the Zoom Bar....will be called on to showcase some of the sights in and around Chiang Mai this year..a RH Bat and Bowler who will be called on to show the Tour Virgin on just how to play the game....Welcome back Greg..

  • John Marshall | No. 12 (JM)


    The statesman, quiet assassin and body guard of the team, age is no barrier for this warrior, can muscle up to the young wanna be's, has arms like a Congo silver back. While speed in the field has alluded him, his batting more than makes up for it. Is always willing to take the gloves off the No. 1 keeper when needed.

  • Johnny Shadforth | No. 2 (Shaddy)


    In a come back year for Johnny, will be a valuable member of the squad, with his brother Trekka on the tour they will compliment each other, on his day he can stick around and make a valuable contribution. One of our three Tour Virgins on tour this year, so a few scull sessions on the card this year. Shaddy;s been know also to go walk a bout, so maybe a new nickname is on the cards for him as well.

  • Marcus Rosas (C) | No. 8 (Joomby)


    The stalwart and a veteran of Bushrangers, down on fitness last tour, is now back to his peak for a bumper tournament. His cross bat drive down the ground is one to be seen. Nothing gets past his "made for keeping" frame. Found out a big night, iced coffee and mini buses don't mix.

  • Mark Schmidt | No. 26 (One More)


    Is a junior in comparison with his team mates, will be his third visit to the Chiang Mai Gymkhana Club, In the prime of his hitting power with an eye on the Flight of the Gibbon sign once again after giving it a good nudge last tour. A more than handy medium pacer able to extract good bounce with his height. Off the pitch, he's always up for one or two or three or four or just One More refreshment.

  • Terry French | No. 19 (A-Game)


    Has a name change from last years program, been upgraded to A-Game to reflect his off field antics, be happy to get 1-Game out of him in this tournament, knees aren't up to carrying the excess load placed on them. A handy right arm slow nothing bowler intent on hitting the wicket somewhere. Also a useful third string keeper to keep the opposition guessing on tactics. Certainly the man to keep the boys entertained with his humour in the dug out. The boys hoping to see some of his more than interesting photography skills again this trip.

  • Tonic Jeche | No. 33 (Gin & Tonic)


    "This could be interesting", Tonic is on his first tour with not much cricket experience on his resume. Maybe a dark horse with his around the wicket looping slop and his cautions approach to batting, will tie up one end, probably for the whole over. Is looking forward to the nightlife and social gatherings Chiang Mai has on offer to splash his hard earned around.

  • Warren Green | No. 4 (Wazza)


    Is Wazza's second trip to CM Sixes, will be itching to get on with it, a bit of a Mr Fixit for the team, can bat, bowl and field in any position when he's mind is on the job. Loves the bars and watering holes around the city, like a bull in china shop. Plays it hard and fast like there's no tomorrow.