Kimberley Crusaders

Kimberley Crusaders

The Kimberley Crusaders are a great crew formed originally from Broome in the Northern Remote Kimberley Region of Western Australia and Queensland and not forgetting our Southerners in WA. Our Team is made up of a rough and ready crew of long term Sixes Players and Supporters dating from the mid 90's returning each year to show their full support and dedication with their tent land cheering and networking duties in CM. Our Captain Doc Mark Thorgersen has accomplished 23 years with his Sister thriving for a Passion to continue the spirit, along with the Support and Dedication of our Players Rik 'Jockey' Pearce, Stuart 'Superstar' Vance, Russ 'Rusty' Williams, Terry Moore our own Golden Batt, 31 Brian McKay, David Huggies G, Adam Clanga, Andy the Heppsta, Sean wildcard Willzy, and our loyal Committee Cheese 'n' Duncs Michael Coombes and Iain Duncan along with our loyal supporters, lovely Lin, Sid, our midwest crew Terri, Billy, Birdie, Karratha's best Lady Gaga, Amilee, Abby, Tom Prices all stars Adele, Charlotte, Harrison, Jake, Shayla, Lily, Perth's Dean n Chubs, Owen, Broome's Mrs 31 Sharon McKay and the marvelous Marcus our all star kids klub, The Kimberley Crusaders Team will be looking forward to sharing in some good old fashioned fun, sportsmanship, and enjoying being part of the Sixes event again for 2020. 'Bring it on...........In Doc we Trust...fingers crossed

Kimberley Crusaders Players

  • Adam 'Clanga' Clancy

    Adam ' Clanga' Clanger Kimberley Crusaders team virgin, whats in store for you Clanga, I hope your Bro inlaw outlaw gave you the rundown for this showdown in CM. Between you and Huggies I am sure you will bring home the runs and get us to the finish line. Welcome on board Clanga to you and your family its a pleasure to have some new talent on the team.

  • Andy 'Hep' Hepenstall

    'Hep' Our newest team member Player extraudinear for the Kimberley Crusaders, we welcome you on board, Andy has voluteered to be the first in the Awarli tent for the Awarli shooters tent session for initiation to help the Doc out in 2020 ''so I am told!! Hep one of the boys, mens club, party animal, action man all time cricketer great will be joining the others for some good quality hard core fun in Chiang Mai ''so I am told!!! knows how to score the big runs and bowls a wicked over and a fair maiden or two Welcome on board to our team virgin.....

  • Brian '31' McKay

    Brian '31' McKay Hanging Judge Mr Brian Mackay our Stats man Brian 31 McKay - Our Player number 3 .. 31 is our very own Stats man, Boy from Broome FIFO on the Islands if there is something we need to know, 31 is where we go, our 31 will have the current latest up to date Stats on hand. Better known by his code number 31…, 31 is a loyal crucial driving force of outstanding performance for our team, and is a man on a mission on the Cricket field,

  • David 'Huggies' Geutjes

    'Huggies The Boy from Meeka'' David Geutjes, David the Mining Guru all the way from Meeka WA is our Player number 8 We welcome back David and his family to the team. We will be expecting the unexpected with David, a fit and ready player that is ready to take on a Challenge or two and is eager to succeed with a win or two under his belt. Better known by his given nick name Huggies due to going out to purchase Huggies in CM and coming back 5 hours later. Huggies will not be lead astray unless popping out the seven 11 of course.

  • Iain 'Duncs' Duncan

    Dunc's - Kimberley Crusaders Player, supporter, sponsor, committee member, fence sitter, Duncs is considered as a long term Kimberley Crusaders all rounder for support, friendship, dedication and gentlemanly behavious, Duncs has shown true dedication, loyalty and support as a special team member, we welcome you back with open arms Brother. Duncs will be showing his support with the team having a great time in the night bazzar, bars, shops, restaurants as any hot blooded Aussie does, Thanks from the Kimberley Crusaders crew for the organising and preparation of sponsor funds from Statewide Bearings, as our team are truly grateful.

  • Mark ' Doctor' Thorgersen

    Doctor Mark Thorgersen Captain of the Kimberley Crusaders Mark 'Doc' Thorgersen – Player.. Extraordinaire Doc is the Godfather of the Kimberley Crusaders… Everyone loves the Doc for his gentlemanly manner and great sportsmanship, Our FIFO has been around on the field and off the field, MIA in the night bazzar bars of Chiang Mai for 23 years supporting the Sixes. This year Doc will be doing his 23nd year Tour of Duty, the Chiang Mai spirit is kept alive when the Doctor arrives' Watch out Chiang Mai the Doc is back in Town..

  • Michael 'Cheese' Coumbes

    Cheese Michael Coumbe Cheese was around in the earlier years, right by Doc's side in the 90's at the Chiang Mai sixes rocking it out again in 2016, 2017 2018 2019 2020 love you long time our all rounder. Player for the Kimberley Crusaders – and valued committee member and supporter. Welcome back brother in arms. When this boy is not on the field giving it his best, you will find this Wild Child out with the best, in the late night bars and right where the action is. Cheese is the man behind the scenes, in Cheese we trust......

  • Rik 'Jockey' Pearce

    Rik 'Jockey' Pearce Jockey is one of our great Players, Mr Reliable, Mr Dedication, Mr see you at the finish post, Rik is a Remote FIFO worker in the mining industry of remote WA. Sometimes better known as the Jester, Jockey was around in the beginning for the Chiang Mai Sixes back in 1999 with Doc Cheese and Sis and has been back in full force as an important part of the Kimberley Crusaders the past few years. This Jockey will race anyone to the finish line, so do watch out, We welcome jockey on his return to the Chiang mai Sixes, Jockey's team colleges are ready and waiting to lead him astray.

  • Russ 'Rusty' Williams

    Russ ' Rusty ' Williams the man from Rock Hampton Queensland our Wild Card, Player, Sponsor, Supporter, Cant wait to see this wild card rock the field and the Drunken Bar. Great cricketer and a great all rounder, Rusty Williams should be able to provide several autographed photos from his days as a Cricket Champion and a Disco King, more commonly known for his superstar days and of course his devilish good looks. All thanks from the crew for the awesome events shirts Rusty organises, so much time and energy put into preparation and organising so we can all look terrific.

  • Sean 'Wildcard Willzy' Wills

    Our Kimberley Crusaders number 10 player ‘Wild Card Willzy’ has a few tricks up his sleeve for a Wild night out or two with the Boys, and the cricket of course, Sean is a long term resident in Broome returning with the Kimberley Crusaders again for some commeradary with long term friends.. Sean loves the movies, enjoying life, long walks on the beach and Beer, Whisky and Wild Women, not in that order, Sean will endevor all there is to enjoy in Chiang Mai, he is looking forward to his friends leading him down the road of good old fashioned fun on and off the cricket field..Welcome back Wildcard Willzy

  • Stuart ' Rock Star' Vance

    Stuart Vance our Hanging Judge The Kimberley Crusaders are happy as peaches to Welcome our Talented number 2 Player Stuart Vance back again to the Sixes, Stuart has played in WA and 2 years in the UK playing as a touring rep for teams such as Cronkbourne CC Isle of Man, Qantas and The Cayman Islands. All rounder normally batting 3 or 4 and a change bowler of no specific type, "I like to keep them guessing". Stuart is a Great all rounder Player, Team member, Singer, Dancer, Prouncer, Romancer for the Kimberley Crusaders, Bring it on Stuart, your simply the Best.

  • Terry 'Golden Bat' Moore

    Our Golden Bat Terry Moore, Kimberley Crusaders fast trip to fame incorporating this fast effective efficient fast bowling ground rumbling action man with a cricket bat in hand called Golden Bat. Thats right welcome back to the Kimberley Crusaders Golden Bat, the Kimberley Crusaders devonere, gentleman commonly know for his great sportsmanship and handsome good looks.

Kimberley Crusaders Supporters

  • Adele Clanga Clancy

    Welcome to the Kimberley Crusaders the beautiful family Adele Lily Shayla Harrison Jake and Charlotte, your auntie Gaga tells me your all about having fun and exploring all a place has to offer. We all look forward to enjoying your company at the cricket and by the pool.

  • Charlotte Clanga Clancy

    Welcome to the Kimberley Crusaders Team Poppit, everyone is looking forward to seeing you at the cricket grounds and poolside.

  • Dean Thorgersen Thorgs and Chubs n Owen

    Thorgs n Chubs Welcome on board to our nephew Dean and his beautiful girlfriend Chubs and bubsy wubsy owen. Welcome to the team we are sure you will have a wonderful time in CM. So much to do so little time to do it all in 'so they say' Thorgs our strong norwegan nephew and his family are looking forward to being part of our team to add support and good will for player success. This little family will be touring around enjoying all there is to enjoy in CM.

  • Harrison Clanga Clancy

    Welcome to the Kimberley Crusaders Harrison Clanga we all look forward to seeing you at the cricket and of course around CM.

  • Jack 'No Jocks Jack' Bailey

    Jack son of Lesina better known as no jocks jack for a good reason in India last year

  • Jake Clanga Clancy

    Welcome to the team Jake Clanga the Kimberley Crusaders welcome you as a star supporter, we all look forward to seeing you around the night bazzar

  • Lesina 'Bailey' Bailey

    Welcome back to the Chiang Mai Sixes Lesina, loves an adventure, this can do Girl Power will be where the action is, I am sure of it!! You will probably find Lesina somewhere in the vacinity of getting lost in the night bazzar mixing with the locals and if there is fun to be had, we will find Lesina and her Son

  • Lily and Shayla Clanga Clancy's

    Shayla and Lily the Kimberley Crusaders welcomes you to the Chiang Mai Sixes Ladies, we know you will be a sensational part of our team full of fun and excitement. We all look forward to having some fun at the cricket and poolside.

  • Linda Loo Thorgersen and Sid Martin

    Lovely Linda and Sid (Rock Star) Martin, back in 2020 due to public demand. Linda is always reliable, positive, enthusiastic for the good stuff; if anyone needs to know the whats happening when in CM, whats the team doing and whos going where and whos doing who stuff on demand then you'll find out at breakfast time with the latest news headlines. Mmmm Ive provided a picture of linda for your own interest. And a special welcome back to Sid, the boys love having Sid around with a joke or two.

  • Marcus 'gangster prankster' Thorgersen

    Marcus - Kimberley Crusaders Fun Kid. Marcus .. Seventh time to ChiangMai Sixes for my little Bundle of cheeky mischievous fun bubble squeek brat that doesn't shy from a piece of Adventure. Getting him rough and ready for the next Generation of Cricket. Better know as the The Kimberley Crusaders Rebel with out a cause, Out and about in the back streets of Chiang Mai Loves adventure just like his Mummy.

  • Meg 'Lady Gaga' Geutjes Abby and Aimelee

    Meg Abi & Amilee Welcome to Meg Abi & Amilee our Kimberley Crusaders supporters. This young family from Meeka Huggies who is our Player number 8, Meg and their two beautiful kids Abi and Amilee will be checking out all there is to do in Chiang Mai, such as bars, night life bazzar, shopping, tours, restaurants and cricket cricket cricket. Welcome to our young cheer leaders Abi and Amilee for the Kimberley Crusaders as its such a pleasure having your lovely company again in 2020

  • Robert 'Birdie' Bird

    Robert 'Birdie' Bird What can we say brother but welcome to the Kimberley Crusaders yet another Midwest gunslinger we are told of your antics in the Gascoyne Region of Western Australia goat shooting wild gun slinging party animal at the Gassi Pub watch out CM.

  • Sharon 'Mrs 31' Mckay

    Sharon 'Mrs 31' Mckay Great to have our fair maiden back in 2020 we love Shazza for her great organisational skills, and being a major part of our team always maintaining tent land and driving the team moral.

  • Terri Middleton & Wild Billy Bell

    Terri Middleton from the Midwest. Ok if you have the questions, Terri has the answers, Terri has been at the same Canarvon Pharmacy for many years and knows all the curers for your symptom ''Just ask Terri'' as Terri has heard it all. Terri and her Wild Bill will be roaming the streets of Chiang Mai Wild Billy Bell from Carnarvon Billy Bell from Carnarvon is ready to rock the streets of Chiang Mai with his Mrs, This Mid West Gun Slinger is coming along to join in the action again and show how its done. Billy and Terri will be hanging out supporting our team and checking out all of what Chiang Mai has to offer.

  • Tracy 'Sister' Thorgersen

    Tracy Sister Thorgersen - Organiser, Co ordinator Go to Girl for our Kimberley Crusaders - On her twenty 'she thinks lost count' tour of duty with the Sixes. Well renowned for the earlier Glory Dayz as Captain for the Dixie Bells... The wild days of boat races and champagne at the wickets. Sister will be supporting her team with a passion for succession, if not succession then just plain old fashioned fun.