Clifton Hill Stray Cats

Clifton Hill Stray Cats

A team that has evolved from the "World Famous" Clifton Hill Cricket Club based in metro Melbourne. This year will see the "World Famous" Stray Cats take to the field for their 10th consecutive CM Sixes event.

Originally a team that was built out of blokes that could no longer score runs higher than their age, the Stray Cats are now a youthful team, however due to the CM nightlife, they too struggle to score runs more than their age.

A talented bunch of cricketers that have always looked likely but consistently never fail to disappoint their die hard supporters. You never know, maybe 2020 might see an early night that could be the difference.

Clifton Hill Stray Cats Players

  • Eamonn "Pup/Scotty" Scott

    Nicknamed Pup but he's a hound on the cricket field. Known for his Aussie swagger and all round ability, this Sheila is looking to take the tournament by storm after a few years off from Chiang Mai pretending to be married. He is very much looking forward to reconnecting to key members of the Armadillos and showing up Izak, the new Saffa-in-town who reckons his 2-pack can take him outta the game of Chassis-choice Champ. That Brokeback Mountain Slayer doesn't stand a chance against the Pup-meister. Challenge accepted bru............

  • Izak "Bru" Brussow

    This Souf Efriken Canadian tour virgin likes to wear a 'medium' shirt so that he can show everyone how good he is at flexing fat whilst braai'ing a mean boerewors at the same time. We are sure that this Brokeback Mountain-slaying photograph will fast-track him in as a finalist of the Chassis -Choice awards - of which he has been starving himself for 7 weeks to win against Pup. Heard that the Armadillos in Thailand are well-worth a punt, so he will be focused on bowling several maidens over in his quest for Ultimate-Stray-Cat-Champ. He fancies himself as quite the dancer, so we have pre-warned Zoe's to get ready for the moves he will bestow on the masses. When in Canada, his hobbies include sending emails at 4am as he clearly has nothing better to do. Gawd help us.

  • Jeff "Jeffris" Lyons

    A.K.A Dad. Returning for his 187th tour of CM. Shareholder in Zoe on Yellow. Proud owner of a bus pass and a zimmerframe, Jeff will absolutely be the first bloke on the dance floor and the last bloke kicked out! Spends 80% of the day taking his top off or doing the Haka. Known for bossing everyone around, this leader of the pack will round up the troops and ensure everyone stays in line. He is as surprised as anyone that this is his 8th tour, after declaring that he wasn't coming back for the past 6...

  • Josh "Jossy Bop" Ring

    When this lad isn't having a Sunday roast or washing the parents car, you will find him bowling tidy left arm slingers, regularly putting it on a 50p, batsmen beware not to get attached to his hook nose. Don't doubt this lads courage. Tour virgin. Yet to be tamed by an Armadillo.

  • Kieran "Bunts" Bunting

    This lad has not long moved to London where we all saw a change in his speech, batting average and general poshness. When this lad takes the plum out of his mouth he can be a real handful on the hard deck at the Gymkhana. Tour virgin.

  • Mark "Skip/Chubb/Wig" Skipper

    This 'Chubb-like' Wig has stepped up to Director of Pom and given his bowling antics last year, he's been pushed behind the stumps this time where his hamster face will be busy getting in the batsmen's ear. After hearing mind games from the Tokyo Dingbats in the press, he will be looking to prove the critics wrong.

  • Toby "Tony Pulis" Rust

    The rust is a bit like Stoke City, the lower league they play in the worse he seems to get. The nudge and nurdler of the team who can also bowl some spicy left arm seamers. The tour virgin may struggle with the early starts. We are very much looking forward to watching the girls lube him up and throw his naked torso down the virgins waterslide.

Clifton Hill Stray Cats Supporters

  • Colin "Bully" Bulpitt

    The amazing and perplexing Bully; he’s strong like an ox, resembles a pit bull (but wished he resembled Mr. Worldwide), and picks fun at small children….and you wonder where he got his namesake from. He will bedazzle you with his shambling efforts both on and off the field…..if you have no idea what he is doing, you can be sure as hell he has even less of an idea. After coming off a strong all-round cricketing performance in 2017, where he managed to kept his teeth intact (teeth lost due to previous years of on-field abuse excluded), and surviving the Siberian bear, he is looking forward to some hot and steamy adventures off the field of play…..did I hear someone mention Night Bazaar Cabaret Show?

  • John "Monster" Coombe

    Monster is certainly developing a healthy Christmas Card list from his visits to the CM Sixes. From the Russian entrepreneurs to most bars in town, Monster never fails to leave a stone unturned, or a turn unstoned for that matter. But come match-time he will be there, shirt collar up! Gold! Only bloke to do all 10 years for Clifton Hill, what a legend.

  • Mark "Rhino" Simmonds

    When this lad isn't handing out free bets you can usually find him in the hut annoying one of the lads. This globetrotting star is hoping to rejuvenate his career in this tournament after being in close contact with Chafeel. Loves a hole in the sand.

  • Matt "Joey Essex/Matt Wren/Wrenlop" Wren

    This tangerine-tastic Essex lad, AKA Wrenlop, will dazzle and shadazzle the Chiang Mai sixes with his undeniable charm, singular pregnant like ab and tallon-like-toes. This squash-playing cricket-hating-useless creature will be all about the beers. Be careful to not be snared within his grip, he is tour virgin but there ain't nothing virgin about him. Experienced Thailand in previous lives...many, many, many times.

  • Ryan "Tips" Scott

    The people's champion is back for a second bite at the cherry. There were many transfer rumours over the winter with the Beijing Ducks expressing interest, but, he decided to continue his high-flying role as the team tipster attracting both men and women of Thailand. Watch out for his innovative handstands and 5am carbonaras. This creature loves to be naked and declare spontaneous war in the middle of a boxing ring. Voted most likely to be found wrapped around a pole-dancing pole at 3am hugging a Ladyboy...