Central Spirit

Central Spirit

Central Spirit Players

  • Amanda Challen

    Challenged beyond belief. Right Arm wicket breakers. Right Hand swing and Hit. Wisdom beyond her years. Can Keep.

  • Carmen Butcher

    Special player in every way. Right Arm mystery balls. Right Handed big slogs : no run. Broken body, but does try.

  • Chrispy Ponter

    Player / Manager. Chief bottle washer and 'go to Gal'. Right arm Slow / lightning bowler. Right handed blocker. For all team enquiries call Chrispy.

  • Jenny Hamilton

    Master Sledger. Right Arm wicket taker. Right Handed 'Give it a crack'. Team wise person.

  • Nadia Lyons

    Trend setting hair specialist. Right Arm Super Quick. Right Handed stand and deliver. Wicket Keeper extraordinaire.

  • Nat Jones

    Team Rookie. Our beauty queen. Right Arm wicket magnet. Right Handed hit and hope.

  • Rhe Lotter

    Ring in from the Bush. Right Arm gun bowler. Right Handed smasher. Our budding artist. The Team young one.

  • Rosanna De Santis

    Right Arm dashing darts. Right hand master slogger. Team Comedian and inspirer. Our Big Gal.

  • Rose Moore (Captain)

    Captain : Team Tactition. Senior Massage receiver. Right Arm spinny crap. Right hand master blaster. Team OCD, I mean CDO.

Central Spirit Supporters

  • Catherine Driver

    Team Butt Kicker. Drinking Coordinator. Our team Infant.

  • Deb Gray

    Team Guru and Psychologist. Drink clarifier and alcohol expert. Nursing abilities if required. Fabulous Team Player.

  • Jewelz Lee

    Team dietitian. Chief Masseuse. Team translator. Team food tester. Team smiler.

  • Leanne Hodge

    Chief Orange Cutter. Shopping trip Supervisor. Let your hair down Coordinator.