A motley crew of men and Amber. Due to the average age hitting about 60 years old we have requested Connor and Josh to attend to help with fielding, batting and bowling and also to help us to get back to the hotel rooms after drinking with the Malakas.

Yet again 90% of the travellers are Brentford season ticket holders and their main (if only) aim is to finish higher than the Stuffed Beavers! 😁

Armadillos Players

  • Amber

    Worries PC to bits when she is out here. She is looking forward to seeing Jackie and Suzie and planning her trip Australia in November. The onus this tour will be on them to keep this young female Cousens on the straight and narrow to ensure she makes it out to Aussie land!

  • Biff

    Neil Hutchison known to his friends as Biff/Mr Grumpy/Mr Sparkle

    The longest serving member of the team by a long way. Very grumpy as always but looking forward to his holiday on the beach after the cricket has finished.

  • Con

    Connor Cousens - Con

    Back for his second trip.

    The fruit of PC's loins - but a far a better bowler and batting technique than his dad. This of course is not hard to have.

    The picture shows Con in-between his brother and sister with Amber acting remarkably sensibly.. Unfortunately Shaun is not able to attend this year so Amber will look after Con we are sure......

  • Doggo

    Graham Doggett aka Doggo

    Doggo is bringing along a new female towards the end of the holiday so everyone should beware being anywhere near him during his first few days. It will be carnage as he gets his drinking out of his system early on before behaving himself. The picture of Doggo this year is a good reminder of what happens quite a few times a day.

  • Gaz

    Garry Derbyshire - Gaz

    Yet another Brentford season ticket holder on tour. Gaz is already planning how he will negotiate with George to watch Brentford on his TV. George will no doubt be as kind as usual to the Brentford crowd.

  • Josh

    Josh Wilson

    Another youngster back for his second time. A fledgling wicketkeeper and batting biffer. He was coached in his formative years by PC and has a similar batting technique?!

    Josh is known to enjoy eating a little and the picture shows him in full flow at the Hog Roast night 2 years ago.

  • PC

    Paul Cousens aka PC/Headless.

    Along with Biff has managed to muster up a 'team' again. Both were shocked how easy it was to get a full team again but are thankful for the youngsters, Connor and Josh, coming along this year to save their knees in the field.

    PC's wallet is full of bhat to purchase the watches needed to get through 2020, but only after he manages to drag himself away from Dax and Harry. Been too long chaps!

Armadillos Supporters

  • Boff

    Robert Harding - known to most as Bob Le Hardon/Boff

    Le Hardon is one of the most generous men in the team and along with Skeggs can always be found at the bar buying drinks for all.

    The most unusual picture of Boff shows him with water in his hand. This is not seen very often and should be saved and printed as proof as many will not believe you if you tell this story.

  • Old Git

    Pete Watson - Old Git

    Old Git has been sunning his lovely belly in the Aussie sun with Suzie and Jackie prior to this trip and is looking forward to yet another visit to Chiang Mai. No doubt Chippie has his seat waiting for him.

    Within the picture I fully appreciate it is hard to tell which is the Old Git but for those of us that remember back to previous tours there is only one!

  • Randoman

    Chris Mitchell alias Randoman

    Has not yet purchased his flights, but has the ability to appear from nowhere and attach himself to any group or anyone without anybody noticing. Has a small conversation with himself and disappears just as mysteriously.

    Managed to find one picture of Randoman - surrounded by Malakas (and still standing!)

  • Skeggs

    Tony Joo - Skeggs

    Has the ability to drink enormous amounts of beer without falling over. Back for his third year and 14 days of continuous libation will tax even his mighty abilities.